Do, 19. Oktober 2017
10:00 Uhr ‐ 12:00 Uhr

Open Class: Music Composition (ADE Creative Industry Experience)

UNITED POP Amsterdam
Q-Factory, Atlantisplein 1
NL-1093 NE Amsterdam


Open Class: Music Composition (ADE Creative Industry Experience)

During ADE Playground United POP offers you the opportunity to experience free lectures and workshops from Industry professionals in the areas of Music & Sound, Marketing & Management, Games, Film & Photography, Acting, Voice & Communication, Design, Fashion & Make-Up.

Topics in this free Open Class at United POP Amsterdam:

  • Which tones are counted among a chord?
  • Neighbour notes
  • No harmonic tones
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Additional characters at chord symbols

United POP is the international department of “Deutsche POP” – the well-known academy of music, media and the arts, seated in fifteen locations in Germany, Austria, Melbourne and Amsterdam. With 30 years of experience in training for the art and media industry, United POP combines international Diploma Courses with Bachelor Degrees in cooperation with the University of West London. You can gain from practical training and theoretical knowledge, concluding your studies with an international Bachelor BA (Hons). Gain handy creative industry insights from the available professional expertise and take advantage of the opportunity to network across diverse disciplines.

UNITED POP, your gateway to a creative career in music, media & the arts