Make Up For Monsters

Entenfangweg 2
D-30419 Hannover

Samstag, 27. Oktober 2018
13:00 Uhr ‐ 19:00 Uhr

59 € ‐ 89 €

Make Up For Monsters

Get spooky with us!! Learn the basics of special effects makeup artistry in this hands-on workshop! Taught by makeup artist Gülüsan Altun.

Come be a part of this unique, hands-on learning experience! Journey into the world of special effects makeup with professional makeup artist, Gülüsan Altun.
She has been working in the makeup for years and now, she’s sharing her knowledge and skills with all of you!

Learn how to create bruises, wounds, sculpt latex, theatrical contouring and more!!

Gain those skills that will help transform your Halloween costume into a terrifying head turner!!
This is an event for ALL interested people who are 18 and over.

Join us now! It‘s limited!