Aug 11, 2017

Feature: student Ludwig Ebert alias Acutus on producer tour through Europe

Ludwig Ebert, alias Acutus, from Stuttgart is living his dream. At the moment he's touring as a music producer through Europe with his classmate Simon Pilgrim, alias Paul Qrex, from Nuremberg. Besides both of them are visiting their last trimester of their bachelor degree course.


The flexible study makes it possible for them to visit foreign countries, collect lots of impressions, inspiration and know-how for their upcoming projects and make new important contacs for their future in music industry while graduating as Bachelor of Arts with Honours Music Technology Specialist.


The idea of going on a producer trip through Europe came into being with Ludwig's first big project: the outdoor sessions.

He wanted to create a music video format with a completely new structure, a new idea, that has never been there before and which is easy to implement. So he came up with his idea of filming a recording session outdoors. In this way he was able to combine the inspiration and freedom of nature with an advantageous acoustic situation.

The first session-song "morning light" he made with singer Tim Adrian Opel, who also was a music & sound student at the Deutsche POP campus in Stuttgart (Germany). It was the first song Ludwig produced like this and already came first on the Campus Compilation 3rd Edit.

By now, he's not only producing original songs by the cooperating artists, but also cover songs originally sung by famous interprets.


The need to find more interesting and spectacular locations for his outdoor sessions, made him reach the decision to travel around and find some more inspiration for his projects and productions. So he directly started his Europe tour after finishing his Diploma as music producer, the first step to the bachelor's degree, at the campus in Stuttgart.


By now, he's travelling around for almost 3 month and ust came back home for a short visit at his former campus to pick up his AKG C414 studio microphone he got as first price for the Campus Compilation winner song.

BA (Hons) Music Technology Specialist
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In cooperation with University Of West London

The University of West London (UWL) with it's „London College of Music“ is one of the most prestigious universities in Great Britain. The most famous  graduates certainly include Freddie Mercury („Queen“) and Pete Townshend („The Who“) representing an important part of music history. Also Robert Orton (Grammy-Award-Winning Audio Engineer) and Alex da Kid lined up in the group of successful graduates.
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