Feb 9, 2017

Lecturer Manuel Krusy contributes to Roleplay Game Classic release for X-Box One

One week ago, the iconic Retro Rollplay Game "Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic" by The Bitfather and Headup Games has been released for X-Box One. Our DPOP lecturer Manuel Krusy is one of the three developers who put the player straight back in the golden 8bit era of the rollplay games.


"On the one hand, I am the dveloper team's composer. The Gamedesign of Pixel Heroes has been worked out by the whole team," says the sound designer, who had previously gained experience with retro sound design. Manuel, a multitalent, is responsible for PR & Marketing of "Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic", too. But that's not enough: "The Making Of Trailer, which received a nomination for the German Developer Prize,  has also been created and produced by myself."


Talents who want to be successful in the game design industry are advised by the professional to seek for kindred spirits during a diploma course and to work together as a team to develop first projects.


"In addition, it doesn't hurt to socialize with people from the games industry from the very beginning – whether to publishers or other development teams.


A good networking makes it possible to exchange ideas or to get helpful advice."

For us, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: "Back to the roots" also works perfectly in the digital age!