Global #StayUnited Convention - Virtual Open Day - Careers in music & media

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[LIVE] Broadcast.

Samstag, 26. September 2020
11:00 Uhr ‐ 13:30 Uhr


Global #StayUnited Convention - Virtual Open Day - Careers in music & media

With our online stream you get the opportunity to be inspired and discuss with numerous creative people from all over thew world - broadcast live with workshops presented from the Campus Teams in Europe, Asia, Australia & Africa.


  • Lectures and workshops with our experts from the industry
  • Interactive question/answer session & exchange with creative people
  • Bachelor of Arts as your ticket to the international media industry

You choose your individual program from more a variety of workshops & panels on exciting topics from music, sound, marketing, management, voice, communication, design, fashion, makeup, games, film and photography!

Camera Operator

with Adrián Vilas

In this workshop, you will learn the basic settings and elements of a professional video camera.

  • Learn the settings of a professional video camera
  • The essential camera kit: different rigs for different situations
  • Introduction to Documentary

Event management 101

with Ambra Elefante

Ever had the urge to organize your own event but no idea how to get started? Interested to know what it takes to make it as a successful events manager? Learn about the ins and out of this dynamic industry with insights from an experienced professional of this field.

  • Getting familiar with the event industry and all that it can offer
  • Exchangingyour ideas in an interactive manner
  • Putting your thoughts on paper and laying the foundation for a stellar action plan

Understand what is your undertone and colour palette to finally select the perfect makeup colours!

with Charlotte Ravet

  • colour matching and colour correcting will have no secrets for you!
  • Also Learn which shades will compliment your complexion and eyes colours

Get up and run with the music and audio industry!

with Yu Ting

  • Learn the basics of getting up and running with the music and audio industry's leading production software, Pro Tools.

This workshop will help you get started in setting up your session for any form of audio or music production.

Facebook ads for absolute beginners!

with Luka Kerečin

Everyone is talking about Facebook advertising, but you have no idea where to start? Every attempt feels like a waste of money? Social media has become an integral part of our lives, as well as one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to advertise. Professions in this field, which did not exist only 10 years ago, are now extremely profitable and popular.

Luka Kerečin, marketing professional, music manager and a lecturer from the Croatian United POP campus will show you some easy tricks and tips in order to demystify Facebook advertising.

  • Learn how to stay relevant to your existing audience and employ new tricks which will attract new audiences.

Workshop is meant for absolute beginners who are thinking about starting a career in marketing