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Djajo Elling

Djajo Elling

(Graphic & New Media Designer)

As a native of Hamburg I follow the clear forms, inspired by the big city. Everyday I search for new ways to develop creative and fresh design and communication solutions. With classic graphic design such as editorial design, illustrations, logo development and corporate design I want to move and inspire people. In addition, my portfolio includes modern communication channels in digital design, such as motion design and experimental design.All works will be provided with great precession. The attention to detail is essential for me and my work. This includes choosing the right typography. Because every text is influenced by them. I would like to use this power of association to immediately clarify the character of a brand through content and form. My view of the arts was strongly influenced by artists like Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Jony Ive. Through them I have learned that movement and longevity together can create something new, what I call design.Graphic design communicates and informs. Let's give your brand a shape. With recognition, quality and creativity

Homepage: www.jali.design

"Wir haben keine Grenzen, jeder kann hier seiner Leidenschaft und seinen Träumen folgen."

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